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    Su Embroidery originates in " earthly paradise "of Suzhou which located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in southern Jiangsu Province, with a beautiful, mild climate, outstanding human,and rich silk.su embroidery is nurtured and developed in this simple, beautiful paradise on earth.Therefore,women are good at embroidery as traditions and customs.In the long course of historical development, embroidery forms beautiful designs, harmonious colors, clear lines, lively stitches, fine embroidery work of local style, embroidery therefore is known as the "Pearl of the Orient." not all embroideries runned in Suzhou can be called su embroidery, actually, local embroiderers’ masterpieces can be called.Gooogu's embroiderers are all local,so the embroideries are real su embroidery with fine luster,harmonious color transition, split filament,and reasonable price.

    Su embroidery, alias: su embroidery, handmade su embroidery
    Introduction: Suzhou embroidery originated in Suzhou, with more than 2,000 years history.Suzhou women are with mild temperament, ingenuity, and skilled at the needlework patiently.
    needle leads colorful filaments to embroider patterns and colors which designed beforehand on silk,cotton,to create artistic effect by pattens,texts.Su embroidery is famous handicrafts in China,renowned for its delicacy home and abroad, and presented to foreign guests as national presents many times.

    The so-called single-sided embroidery is to embroider a single image,such as, flowers, figures, animals, pictures and the like at the front of the piece, then along with Western or Chinese-style frame, single-sided embroidery is generally hung on the walls. exquisite designs are available for people to appreciate. Single-sided embroidery is characterized by delicacy, as reasonable cost,compared with double-sided embroidery, it enjoys higher market share and gains more favor.
    "Soft mounting" is one way of mounting single-sided embroidery,
    without frame,glass or back version,but it is still shapely,more easy to carry.

    Double-sided embroidery
    Alias: double-sided embroidery with both two sides smooth
    Category: General double-sided embroidery, double-sided embroidery with different colors each side.tri-embroideries ( different sketches,different stitiches,different colors on both sides)
    Introduction:  so-called double-sided embroidery, that is, at the end of the same piece of material, two images are embroidered on both sides,of the same profile,the same beautiful patterns for enjoying.
    Double-sided embroidery is a pearl in the crown of China su embroidery,it embodies the skill level of su embroidery. Double-sided embroidery has developed into tri-
    embroidery,with difference colors,differentshapes,different stitches on both sides.these bring embroidery to the realm of magic. The techniques of double-sided embroidery( with different colors each side) and tri-embroideries are more difficult,in addition to general requirements of double-sided embroidery,stitiches of two sides,grains,no contrary colors of both sides,no reveal of stitches should all be taken into consideration to make colors clearly different and perfect on both sides.

    Wu County embroidery artists have produced three-dimensional double-sided embroidery like sculpture, the representative is "Yunlong flies", one side is a flying golden dragon embroidered by filaments bearing gold and silver, colorful silk filaments,  a silver dragon on another side with rising rosy clouds,shining stars,flaming beads,all are projecting.it's not only embroidery,but also a sculpture,the super technique of double-sided embroidery are amazing.

    Su embroidery accessories
    Introduction: there are a wide variety of embroidery accessories, such as pendants, purses, embroidery hangings, embroidery screens, silk scarves.Su embroidery is not mere 
    "tourist souvenir". if you pay attention you will find along with the rising life standard, su embroidery appears in family decoration, restaurant,hotel and many enterprises.su embroidery covers this unprecedentedly large consumer market for Fine needlework and extreme beauty.
    Su embroidery accesssories are exquisite artworks.The progress of living standards, stimulates people to raise the appreciation taste for art, a piece of embroidery blended with
    ancient and modern elements makes a quiet mind, indulging in art shows the master’s unusual artistic cultivation and taste of life.

    Su embroidery accessories are attractive tourist souvenirs. Domestic tourism is growing prosperous and promotes the activity and prosperity of national arts& crafts market,as China No.1 su embroidery,its reputation and credit,as well as potential are undoubtedly propelled.who seizes the opportunity,who will benefit from it tremendously.No matter for friends, colleagues or enterprises,embroidery accessories are best choice.su embroidery is favored for its high-quality, great value and profound meaning.

     Su embroidery accessories are well deserved to collect.In recent years, embroidery collection emerges quietly among the folk with rising trend,collectors compete at all cost for fine embroidery by tens of thousands dollars.The daily loss of manual skills, the years delicate embroidery , these make collection of embroidery  increasingly popular with the collection field, private investment prevails day by day, explores a new consumer market,it is a top consumption force that cannot be watched down.
    Su embroidery accessories are known as foreign trade artworks all over the world.Skilled technique,overall tastes, as representative of Chinese characteristic artwork,national culture-bore su embroidery opens the door to the world,becomes popular with foreigners,gains global reputation,benefits as well as wins the admiration and praise for Chinese culture.su embroidery builds the bridge for foreign culture communication,and becomes one of the hot commodity in foreign trade.